We build, consult and maintain sites for small and medium size businesses.


From a Mini Donkey Stud to a fully established Retirement facility, we develop sites that help brand you in your field.


Our optional, monthly maintenance service keeps your site up to date, secure and helps you understand the traffic you receive.

Monthly Maintenance Plan for $126.00.



Content            +

Need changes on a regular basis?
You should, if only for Google results.


We edit whatever you want – text, images, pricing, pages, menus, PDFs, newsletters, new email addresses etc. 1 hour each month.

Backups            +

We back up your site files, databases, email filters and forwarders.


Everything needed to restore your site from a disaster. Think of it as insurance against hacks and crashes.


We also keep your site software and plugins up to date.


Attracting traffic to your site requires an understanding of what people are looking for.


We supply a monthly traffic analysis for you with comments and recommendations.


your site works across phones & tablets.

Affordable and reliable.

There is a lot of time spent initially setting this up (incl. traffic analysis accounts).


So, for our commitment to you, we look for either a 6 or 12 month commitment on your part.


6 months = AUD$149.00 / month*.
12 months = AUD$126.00 / month*.


* + GST

Sites do crash
& servers do fail.

Common fails in websites include outdated software, irregular or even non-existent backups, broken links, and poor SEO – lack of maintenance.


All this before we even think about formatting problems created by people who don’t understand how to add content correctly.


It’s true that a business will be judged by its website, so yours should be up to date and working.

Maintenance is more than changing text.

More importantly, it’s about software updates, site backups, SEO coding for search engine rankings & understanding what people are reading (or not) via traffic monitoring.


Theme and plugin updates are also critical, particularly with CMS like WordPress.

An easy solution

for website maintenance & security.

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